About us:

We bring you the next generation of television broadcasting. TV Entertainment Reality Network (TERN) brings first-class programs to viewers globally, through linear and nonlinear platforms. From content creation, production and talent management to music publishing and delivery, TERN owns every step of the process, guaranteeing a premium experience for partners and viewers. We deliver content the way our viewers want to watch it, in an immersive fashion. We challenge the status quo in the market through technological innovation and a defining vision in interactive media.

TERN produces over 200 hours of original Ultra HD content for INsight a year. The channel is a global factual entertainment channel with a passion for creating content that takes the viewer on an adventurous journey to explore and interact with stories. The range of programming will demonstrate the best of Ultra HD; from beautiful, vivid cinematography to high-speed action. Because of the rapid expansion and the limited availability of quality Ultra HD content, the company decided in an early stage to produce the majority of the programs for INsight itself. This year TERN plans to produce another 200 hours of fresh and original Ultra HD/HDR (High Dynamic Range) and VR (Virtual Reality) television. The programs are available for INsight, interested broadcasters, streaming platforms and short form mobile distribution. TERN is also recording in VR for most of the interactive formats, creating the ultimate 360 experience for the viewers and making the programs more appealing and engaging.

INsight is the first Television channel of TERN. Want to know more about INsight and it’s programs?

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