With a global reach of millions of households, with INsight we can offer your brand a global audience. TERN has partnerships with regional sales organisations in Europe and Asia who are all experts in providing you the best local sales- and commercial strategy solutions for linerair and digital advertising.


TV advertising brings your brand to life and provides high levels of awareness over short periods of time or builds loyalty slowly depending on the advertising campaign strategy.

We offer a high quality ad environment in daytime, prime time and overnight, primarily focused on a male audience from 18-49 years old. To keep viewers more engaged and improve brand recall for advertisers, our breaks have a maximum length of 3 minutes. With this schedule we can offer a high number of first and last positions in the break. Campaigns can be booked locally and international.

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Contact our Global Ad Sales Manager Mirko Oosthoek


A Branded Partnership with an INsight program is a great way to associate your brand with our boundary breaking content. It helps raise awareness and shifting perceptions, plus it can affect the purchase decision too. Branded Partnership offers you a prime position on our channel and maximum visibility to your chosen target audience. It allows you to place a series of short credit sequences around a programme, which features your logo and message. You can sponsor a programme, time slot or even a channel ident.

Interested to learn how your brand can work together with Insight?
Global Ad Sales & Brand Partnerships Manager Mirko Oosthoek.


If you want your brand to be a real part of the editorial environment, product placement might just be the answer. It’s a fresh and original way of communicating your brand. You can showcase the quality and capabilities of your product in a natural setting. We own all the content and music rights so we can offer a wide range of possibilities.
To maximize your brands exposure, it’s best to make product placement part of an overall marketing communications strategy.